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How to Write and Sell your Own Ebook

Successful Internet Author Shares Her Ebook Writing Secrets

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wished that you could earn extra money writing and selling your own ebook?  Do you want to make money selling your own how to ebook but aren't sure what to write about or how to sell it on the internet?  Or, do you already have your own ebook or an idea for an ebook but aren't sure how to make it successful? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions you're in the right place!

Hi, my name is Kip Garrett and you may be where I was a few years ago.  I was looking for a way to make some extra money, pay off bills and make a better life for myself and family so I decided to start my own internet business.  I was pretty successful at it (I was able to quit work within a year of starting my first internet business) and wrote a how to ebook to show others how to start their own internet business. 

That ebook was really successful so I wrote a few other How-to ebooks - some good, some not-so-good.  Along the way I learned by trial and error what made the successful ebooks successful and what made the not-so-good ones, not-so-good.

Well, a lot of people who read my ebooks asked me questions about writing their own ebooks.  They wanted to know a lot of the same stuff I wanted to know when I was starting out and writing my own ebooks such as:

  • how to write a profitable how to ebook the easy way even if you've never written anything before,
  • how to know if the topic you are writing about is good before you write your ebook
  • how to set up an ebook website,
  • the best and cheapest ebook software,
  • the best way to accept credit cards for your ebook,
  • how to improve your search engine ranking,
  • how to advertise,
  • scams to watch out for (and there are a bunch -- I know because I fell for most of them!)
  • and a lot of other "writing ebook" stuff.

The fact that all of those people had the same questions I did when I first started writing ebooks made me realize there was a need for good, solid, easy to understand information about how to write and sell your own ebook. 

But I didn't do anything.  It was on the back burner, on my 'do it someday later' list. 

What actually got me going writing this ebook was an email I got from a woman who asked me about an ebook creator software she was about to buy that was WAAAAAAY overpriced and completely unnecessary.  She was about to pay hundreds of dollars for something she didn't need.  I stopped her from buying the software but it brought back memories of me buying a lot of expensive junk that I didn't need when I first started out writing ebooks.  

I wish I could say that when I first started writing an ebook I had someone who was able to show me the ropes and tell me what to do and what pitfalls to avoid, but I didn't. I was on my own.  I fell into a LOT of the pitfalls and it cost me - big time!

One of the main reasons I wrote this ebook is to help make writing ebooks and selling them really easy and cheap for you.

If you are serious about writing an ebook, I can show you how to write a successful one.  If you already have an idea for your ebook, I can help you make sure the idea is one that can make you money before you spend the time and energy actually writing it.  If you have never written anything longer than a grocery list, but know you want to write an ebook, I can show you how to write and sell a great ebook.

I've taken everything that has taken me years to figure out about writing a successful ebook and distilled it into a 159 page information packed ebook called "How to Write and Sell your own Ebook." 

Kip, I'm thrilled with your ebook. ...  It's exactly the information I was looking for but likely would never have figured out on my own. 

-- Tambra P., Virginia

It's not just an ebook it's more along the lines of a "Write an Ebook Bootcamp."  The ebook is a series of step-by-step, easy to do and follow 'bootcamp' exercises that nudges and encourages you every step of the way. 

It's easier than I thought it would be.  You explained things great.  Ebook Bootcamp is the real deal. 

-- James P., Indiana

Now that you know more of what the ebook is let's take a look at what it isn't:

This isn't one of those ebooks filled with a bunch of boring text or filler information like say, the history of ebooks or any other such nonsense.  It is an action-packed information guide filled with all the  information that you need to know to write your own successful ebook.  It's all 'meat' and no 'fluff.'

This also isn't a get-rich-quick book so if that's what you are looking for, you are wasting your time.  It takes time and effort to write an ebook but if you are willing to put the energy in and follow the easy step by step instructions I lay out for you, it is possible for you to be successful selling your ebook.

If you want hype, scams or get-rich-promises, then you've come to the wrong place. But if you want straightforward facts that literally step you through how to sift through ideas and emerge with a marketable product, then you've found your answer!

-- Beth, Oklahoma (Part 1)

This is all the nitty-gritty stuff that I've learned from experience. You will find out how to do everything you need to write ebooks the easy, cheap way and you won't have to stumble and bumble around trying to figure this stuff out for yourself like I did.  This step-by-step writing an ebook guide will answer hundreds of the questions you've got about writing your own ebook and save you a LOT of time, money and frustration.

Great, great, great!  I'm on exercise 4 but couldn't wait to tell you how great your bootcamp is.  I really believe I can do this!  

-- Caren, Louisiana

You get all the information you need to know if you want to succeed writing ebooks and I tell you everything in plain, everyday English, not confusing techie jargon. 

In the book I take you step-by-step through the hidden secrets of writing an ebook including:

  • How to Choose the Right (and most profitable!) Ebook Topics
  • How to Write your Ebook the Fast, Easy Way
  • How to Create your Ebook Sales Website in just a Few Simple Steps
  • How to Write your Ebook Sales Copy using the same 'Secret Formula' the Pros Use
  • How to Accept Credit Cards on your Website
  • The Best and Cheapest Ebook Creator Software to Use - and the one almost ALL of your customers like the most!
  • How to Set up a FREE, easy Download Page so your visitors can get your ebook fast - No fancy or expensive software required!
  • How to Have an Army of Affiliates Promoting your Ebook for You
  • How to Get Visitors to Your Website
  • How to Improve your Ebook Website's Search Engine Ranking - What you need to know to help get you to the top!
  • Why the Words you use on your Web Site can help or hurt your Web Site Ranking and how to find the best words to use (the ones most new ebook writers use are usually the worst ones!)
  • How to Get other Web Sites to Link to your web site and why you MUST care about this
  • The Best and Worst Sites to Link to and the web sites you must avoid linking to no matter what
  • The Best and Worst ways to Advertise your Business (both pay and for free)
  • How to Avoid getting ripped off by the most common traps and scams that most new ebook writers fall for - What you don't know CAN hurt you!
  • Ways to Advertise Your Website - The Good Ones and the Ones to Stay Far Away From
  • The Eight Ways to Win Points with Your Customers
  • The One Thing You MUST Do as an Ebook Seller
  • General Business Basics to Help Make You Successful
  • And MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!

There are 159 pages and 10 information-rich chapters in the ebook laying out everything you need to know to write and sell your own ebook. I've helped many, many people with their ebooks and I make good money from selling my own ebooks so I know what I'm talking about.  I "walk the walk." 

Thank you!  Your e-book is very clear and easy to understand.  It really helped make writing an e-book and setting up my e-book website MUCH easier.  

-- Laura, Virginia

You could pay thousands of dollars for a so-called ebook guru to give you a bunch of generic advice that doesn't actually work in the real world or you could pay hundreds of dollars for a fancy ebook creator software that you have to be a techie genius to get to work or .....

You could just buy my ebook and get a lot more help and knowledge (we're talking step-by-step through everything!) than you would get from any of those places for a LOT cheaper. The book is available to instantly download when you pay by credit card.  It is delivered in the almost universally accepted PDF format.  The price is just $29.95.


I know you're going to love it, but if for any reason at all you don't find it useful to you, just let me know within the next 60 days and I will refund your money.  No hassles or questions or anything like that.  All the risk is on me.  Just send me an email and I'll give you your money back. You can even keep all the free bonuses that I give you with the book. You have nothing to lose and a LOT to gain.

Just by itself the ebook would be worth the price but I really want to do everything I can to help you make your ebook a success.  I want to give you everything you need so you can turn your dream of making money on the internet into reality like I was able to do so I've also included as a free bonus with the book the following items. These are going to make your ebook business life a whole lot easier and get your business up and running even faster.

I enjoyed your e-book a great deal.  It was easy to follow, concise and complete.  The screenshots were very helpful.

-- Gigi, California

The FREE BONUSES that you get with your book: 

  • A Topic Selection Form that can help you quickly and easily figure out the best (and most profitable!) ebook topic for you to write about

  • A Website Icon Chart that is very handy to have around and will make Building your Ebook Website a snap

  • A Keywords Worksheet that is a fast, easy way to help you identify what words you need to include on your ebook website and which words you should stay away from

  • My list of Personal Resources that I use when I create and sell my own ebooks

  • An Expense Tracking Worksheet that is a quick, easy way to keep track of any of your ebook business expenses

In addition to all the free bonus items listed above, I've also included a Writing and Selling an Ebook Checklist that you can use to make sure that you've done everything for your ebook business that you need to do.

You get the ebook plus all this great free stuff and it all comes with an iron clad money back guarantee -- you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


Kip literally saved me the price of the course INSTANTLY by preventing me from making a costly mistake in how to distribute my book to customers.  Her ebook has the honest and easy-to-understand information you need to launch a successful eBook business.

-- Beth, Oklahoma (Part 2)

Why is this so cheap?

When I first started out I was really struggling and watching my pennies.  I could have spent about $50 or so for help but let's face it.  This economy really stinks for a lot of people and $50 five years ago is more like $30 or $40 today so that's what I'm basing my ebook pricing on.  The book is worth a lot more than what I'm charging for it but I'm not going to charge someone more than I could have afforded to pay back when I was struggling.  This is the book I would have loved to have had when I wrote my first ebook and I know you will feel the same way about it.

In a couple of short minutes, for just $29.95 you can be downloading my ebook and have the information you need to turn your dream of making money from your ebook into reality. 


Good Luck and Best Wishes,

PS: If you are one of the next few people to order, I will also help you via email with an issue you are facing with your ebook.  Whatever problem it is, we can tackle it head on together.  I only have a limited amount of time to help people so I'm not sure how long this bonus will last so order today if you want to lock in this bonus and have me personally help you with one of your problems. This bonus is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.

PS #2:  If you are unemployed or disabled, please contact me before you order.  Upon proof of your unemployment or disability, I will provide you with a code for $10 off the purchase price to help you get back on your feet. 

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